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TopGallant coin jewelry is made for use by both men and women. The jewelry is available in 10 different forms: pendants, charms, earrings, tie tack/lapel pin, key rings, bow pins, cuff links, tux stud sets, money clips, tie bars. In addition the charms and pendants can be supplied with necklace chains and as bracelets.

All TopGallant Jewelry is handcrafted to exacting standards and come with a full no quibble lifetime guarantee. Each piece comes with an explanatory story card and a handsome suede gift box at no extra charge.

All coins available in cut-out or solid forms as shown below at no additional cost:

For scale size, please look at the coins on the opening page.
The images below only show the pendant form, please click on the menu arrow below to see the rest of the forms available:
003 Bermuda Five Cent (Angel Fish)
005 Singapore Dime (Sea Horse)
019 Singapore Twenty Cent (Sword Fish)
024 Bahamas Ten Cent (Bone Fish)
025 Bahamas Half Dollar (Marlin)
026 Bahamas One Cent (Starfish)
039 Irish Ten Pence (Salmon)
055 Cook Islands Fifty Tene (Sea Turtle)
070 Guernsey Penny (Crab)
072 Maldive Islands Fifty Laari (Sea Turtle)
073 Gambia One Dalasi (Crocodile)
160 Maui One Dollar (Whales)
170 Guyana One Cent (Manatee)
179 Barbados One Dollar (Flying Fish)
200 Faulkland Islands 10 Pence Seals
233 Princ. of Sealand 50 Cent Whale
203 Tonga Two Seniti Turtle
246 Gibraltar One Crown Sperm Whale
251 Isle of Man One Crown Otter
253 Canada 2 Dollar Polar Bear
292 Isle of Man One Crown Killer Whale
Chains and Bracelets Available
CH918 18" 14K Gold Filled Necklace
Chain - $40
CH920 20" 14K Gold Filled Necklace
Chain - $50
CH924 24"14K Gold Filled Necklace
Chain - $60
CH008 8" Chunky Charm Bracelet
Bracelet - $20

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